Saturday, December 17, 2016

Illinois: Six years ago this week 'animal rescuer' Diane Eldrup arrested after 18 dead dogs found at her rescue called Muddy Paws

ILLINOIS -- Well, it's been six years since Diane Eldrup's 'rescue' Muddy Paws was raided. Authorities found six dying dogs and 18 dead dogs inside. 

In six years' time, what have we learned from these stories of animal rescuers found to be abusing and hoarding animals? Not much. 

Reading through Eldrup's case, this could have happened yesterday. Shelters are still handing animals over to 'rescuers' with little or zero oversight. No one bothers to check to verify that animals given to them are receiving veterinary care, that when the rescuers says they re-homed the animal that it's true, no one goes to the rescuers home to verify that the headcount matches what the rescuer is telling people, no one is going to the home to verify that the animals are being housed in humane conditions, that they're not being hoarded, that they're not dead.

These rescuers pull from other states - places where there is little or no support for animal control, animal shelters, etc. These people are desperate for someone to take these animals so they don't have to euthanize them so they'll willingly hand them over to someone (usually a woman) who speaks glowingly of her rescue and how she'll find them "forever homes". 

The "no kill" movement has created these monsters and it seems that little is being done to stop them.

Case: Diane Eldrup, owner of Muddy Paws animal rescue