Sunday, December 18, 2016

Illinois: Twelve-year-old Bassett Hound attacked by a pit bull on Thanksgiving day

ILLINOIS -- On Thanksgiving morning, my pups, Annie (12yr old bassett hound) and Remi (1 yr old Shih Tzu) were out in our backyard roaming our yard on their leads and the neighbor's pit bull became loose from their yard and viciously attached my poor bassett hound Annie. Both of my pups were outside at the time but only Annie was attacked.

For those of you who know the breed, Annie is a very mild mannered pup, doesn't bark, is super friendly and very playful.  With the attack happening on Thanksgiving our holiday was ruined.

Annie was taken to the Animal ER and went under surgery to repair the damage to her skin from the attack, she was left with numerious stitches and about a 10 inch gash, lots of bruising and in alot of pain.  At her 1st checkup after the attack it was discovered that Annie's skin was not healing and that she had developed a bad infection in the upper part of her wound.

Annie had to go under a second surgery to remove the dead and rotting skin and to clean the infection out and she received new stitches and , more medications and now more healing time.

With all of this trauma on my poor pup, she has issues with being out in the yard for any length of time and she barely leaves my side.  Now when she is sleeping she is having nightmares, she starts to cry and growl in her sleep.


With everything that has happened with all of this, the police reports, animal control, vet bills and such, my neighbors are unwilling to help me with the expense of this, they have been issued citations and such and even animal control has a case pending against them for their dog. This is had been a very tramatic on me and my pups and has created a financial hardship.

Give your vet bills to Animal control. They can attack these bills to the court case and a judge can order that the pit bull owners pay it. The payments will be sent to the court so they can track it and then the payment will be forwarded on to you. They'll have to keep coming back to court until the bills are paid (including the court costs and fines). 

My pups are my everything, they are my babies and are spoiled to death.  Annie and Remi and inseparable, they go everywhere together and are lost without each other.

I am seeking to raise funds to help pay for her medical expenses and to make sure she is secure and happy in our yard.  With all the funds raised it will pay her amounting medical bills which are currently about $2k and the remainder will be used to fence and secure the yard so that Annie and Remi will have a safe place to play.

GoFundMe link: Medical Fund for Annie

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