Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kentucky: Woman's daughter attacked by two pit bulls; Jill West won't shut up about how it's not the dogs' faults

KENTUCKY -- My daughter just got attacked by two pit bulls as she was walking up Palataka Road toward Walgreen's.

The owners heard her screaming and came out. They said their gate was broken. They were biting at her legs and trying to pull her down.

The neighbor across the street happened to be leaving, and drove through the yard to get between her and the dogs. He probably saved her life.

Jerry Carroll - Call the pound,those dogs should be put down before a kid gets hurt

Jill West - Not put down. Fine the owners. Make the owners fix the Fricking fence. It's their fault it's the OWNER'S

Jill West - NOT THE DOG!!

Anne Marie Blady Sheridan - I wanted to call the police. She wouldn't let me because she said they would be put down. So next time it could be a child or an elderly person.

Tracy Korfhage - And they need to be put down. They are clearly dangerous. I love the breed but not all dogs are safe and these clearly are not!

Karen Sheridan - I understand, I really do, but you have to report it. I know neither of you would ever forgive yourselves if someone else is harmed.

Anne Marie Blady Sheridan - That is what I keep telling her!

Jill West - No they do NOT need to be put down. Y'all gripe my butt talking about pits. They are the sweetest dogs I've ever owned. The WRONG END OF THE LEASH IS TO BLAME!!!

Tracy Korfhage - Jill West I rescue pit bulls everyday. I have 3 of my own. Any dog that attacks a human unprovoked is dangerous period. Idc what breed it is. I have fostered and rescued over 100 pit bulls. I have volunteered and walked the halls of shelters loaded wit...See More

Fozzie Frazier - They have to be reported because they need to be quarantined for Rabies. Yeah, they might be required to be put down if they are repeat offenders, too. I know it sucks, but she could have been bitten by Rabid dogs.

Karen Thomas - Call so it is on the record at a minimum and the owners need to be held accountable.

Bonnie Bullock - Oh no! I agree that you should call & report this attack! Please do! If these dogs attacked her, they could do it again. Please prevent that from happening. Anne Marie, you'll feel better about this horrible situation. Follow your instincts……Call now

Mary Maloney Watson - Is she ok? Do the dogs have their shots? They need to be reported just so they fix their fence so no one else gets bitten. Hope she is ok

Anne Marie Blady Sheridan - She is OK, Mary Maloney Watson. Scared more than anything. She has always been a strong advocate for Pit Bulls. I don't know how she will feel about them now.

Jill West - Petey on the Little Rascals was a pit. Everybody blames the breed. Pit bulls are the MOST misunderstood breed on the planet. My grand dog took very good care of me during my Breast cancer fight. Watch Pit bulls and Parolees and you'll learn a hell of a lot about the dogs. The dumb owners are the blame, the cause.

Anne Marie Blady Sheridan - I called the police this morning. They referred me to Metro Animal Services. They got a citation for the gate, must be fixed within 24 hrs. The dogs shots and license are current. They got a citation for the dogs being out unrestrained, and were placed on a Watch Dog list. The officer says if they are caught out again "it will be a whole other situation, and they will go to Metro."