Friday, December 9, 2016

Louisiana: After being viciously attacked by a pit bull, Caddo Parish Animal Control picks up seriously wounded dog named Ellie, dumps her in a cage and no one bothers to seek vet care until 17 hours later. By then, after suffering all that time, she had finally died. Who is gong to be held accountable for this?

LOUISIANA -- A meeting was held Friday morning at the Caddo Parish Animal shelter to address the viral video of the dog attacked by a pit bull earlier this week.

On December 4, animal services were called to the scene of a dog who was attacked by a pit bull after straying into its owners lawn. Witnesses of the injured stray, now named Ellie, posted a video to Facebook, which soon went viral and sent some local animal activists into action.


Those activists left the meeting Friday still seriously concerned with how the situation was addressed.


The meeting opened with the reading of a statement saying the owner of the dog that attacked Ellie, was following "leash laws," but Ellie was not.

OK so that means a dog wandering loose, peeing on someone's grass and generally not bothering anyone - deserves to die? That a person has a right to order their pit bull to attack another animal simply because it strays into their yard? No, no, no.

It left people begging the question of what can be done to prevent events like this from happening in the future.

"We're not going to sit here and talk about social media posts," said Caddo Parish Commissioner Mike Middleton, referring to the viral Facebook video of Ellie.

Animal activists felt like their concerns fell on deaf ears at the meeting meant to address the situation.

"They wouldn't listen to anything involving social media and social media is a daily way of life. If you can bring criminal charges against someone based on social media, why can't you do something about this animal incident where a dog lost its life," said Susan Crump, local animal activist.


A witness to the attack posted a video of the dog to Facebook at around 5:50 pm on December 4, and despite Ellie's injuries, she was dropped off at the shelter after the incident.

Crump called animal services concerned for the dog's health after seeing the video. Animal services director, Chuck Wilson went to check on the dog at the shelter at around 10 pm, and at that point determined she needed emergency medical care. 

However, he did nothing. She laid in that cage, suffering for ANOTHER 12 HOURS until she finally died.

Crump just wishes it had happened sooner.

"I want to know what the protocol is and we still don't know that," said Crump. "I want to know what the protocol is when a dog is seriously injured."

By 11 am the next morning when Crump went to retrieve Ellie and take her to receive additional care, she had died. The activists were hoping to leave the meeting of animal services today with answers, but left with more questions about why things weren't done differently.

In this photo, Ellie is still alive. In the video, you
can see her still breathing, but unable to move. The man
in the photo allegedly ordered his pit bull to attack
Ellie simply because she had strayed into his yard.
Caddo Parish apparently has no plans to do anything
about this horrific act of intentional cruelty.

Now Crump said she does believe some of the recent changes to animal services have improved the shelter overall, but she feels changes are needed in the training of animal service officers when it comes to injured dogs, and emergency protocol needs to be more clearly outlined.

No charges have been made involving the attack.

(KTBS - Dec 9, 2016)