Sunday, December 11, 2016

Louisiana: Boy attacked by pit bull, which has attacked people twice before

LOUISIANA -- Christian got attacked by a pit bull today and is lucky that this is all that happened.

This is the 3rd time the same dog has attacked someone! You should not be allowed to have a dog like that in a neighborhood but they give the dog back to the people every time it happens


Laura Jeffress My Rottweiler bit a jogger in Walker about 8 years ago. They put him in quarantine for a month. Did they just give this dog back to them? Again?

Matthew Hoover They quarantine the dog for 10 days and give it back. I'm going to press charges tomorrow because three times is just irresponsibility on the owners part

Sara Roff Donaldson Please do! My moms dog was attacked by a pit bull. She was given the choice (bc it was a dog and not human) so she never pressed charges. 😱 So sorry your boy was hurt.

Larel Baldwin I'd shoot that dog

Rachel-and Richard Mccollough Omg ! Wtf !!! Oh hell no ! Let me look up if there is anything further you can do as well ! That's bullshit!

Kristi Jo Rinaldo Someone needs to shoot it

Kristi Jo Rinaldo And people say those dogs are harmless my ass!