Friday, December 9, 2016

Maine: Two pit bulls mauled a small dog and a neighbor trying to help

MAINE -- A pair of pit bulls mauled a dog and a woman on Ward Brook Road in Wiscasset late Wednesday afternoon, according to Wiscasset Police.

Police said the people who owned the pit bulls failed to properly lock the gate to the outdoor pen the dogs were in during a party Wednesday night.

The dogs escaped the pen, crossed the street, and began attacking a dog that was on the front lawn of an apartment with its owner.

Police said the dog suffered wounds to the neck. A woman who stepped into help, who was the next-door neighbor of the attacked dog, suffered wounds to her arms.


Robin Standring, the owner of the pit bulls, said she had never seen her dogs act that way.

“I heard some screaming and I looked out my window and I was like, ‘oh my God, that’s my dogs," said Standring. “They’ve always been great with people. They play outside all summer. I’ve never had a problem with my dogs.”


Police said the dog that was attacked was taken to the veterinarian. The woman who suffered the injuries was taken to the hospital.

Neighbors said the pit bulls have left the property before, but Standring said that is not true. Neighbors who wished to remain anonymous said they are nervous for the children who also live in the cul-de-sac.

Police said it is critical for people to responsible pet owners, no matter the breed.

“Pit bulls could be good family dogs. It’s all how you raise them. Just because it’s a pit bull doesn’t mean it’s vicious, but in this case, it turned out that was the case," said Wiscasset Police Chief Jeffrey Lange.

“This is, from my point of view, an unprovoked attack on another dog, but God forbid, what if this was an attack on a small child? So we’d like to get that prevented and be proactive.”

Standring said she tried to apologize to the owner of the dog and the woman who was hurt. She said she has also offered to pay the veterinary bill. -- In the video clip, neighbors told the reporter that Standring changed her mind and now refuses to pay the vet bill. But what about the poor woman's medical bills? Was she never even going to bother with that? Probably because she was cited to court she's angry that they reported her. She was probably hoping to throw some cash their way and keep them from telling authorities.

“I’m sorry that it happened. It was a mistake. I hope everybody is okay," said Standring.


The animal control officer is still investigating and has not yet issued a summons to Standring or anyone else from her house. The two pit bulls are under a required ten-day quarantine in the owner’s home.

Maine law states that an owner who allows their dog off leash off of their property can be charged with a civil penalty.

Nicholas Martinez, 39, and Robin Standring, 50, (they are engaged) were later charged with their dogs running at large and owning vicious dogs.


(WCSH6 - Dec 8, 2016)