Friday, December 30, 2016

Massachusetts: Troy McNiff appears in court on animal cruelty charges. Neighbors say the animals have been abused and neglected for years.

MASSACHUSETTS -- A Massachusetts man faced a judge on Wednesday after being accused of animal cruelty.

Earlier in December, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals removed dozens of cows, pigs, and sheep from the Westford Road property of Ralph McNiff.


Court documents show that investigators visited the property and saw some animals standing in squalor, smelled decaying animals, and observed many living in poor conditions.

The town's animal inspector, Carlene Purdy said that the pigs appeared to be in poor condition, and some were obviously ill. Also, she witnessed cattle eating through plastic to get to hay, and there was no hay for free feeding.

During an inspection of McNiff's farm at 64 Westford Road, pig troughs were seen filled with waste and debris. No food or water visible, cows were seen with matted fur standing in inches of manure. Rat nests were located throughout the property, and officials said they discovered a dead piglet.

"Like 115 pigs and over 100 cattle," Ayer town counsel Gregg Corbo said. "Many of them showed signs of malnourishment or sickness."

Ralph McNiff's son Troy McNiff, was the one who was arraigned on 7 counts of felony animal cruelty in Ayer District Court.

When a reporter fro NECN stopped by the farm and knocked on the door of the mobile home, Troy McNiff yelled at them to get off the property. According to court documents, he admitted his wrongdoing to investigators in a statement.

“I will tell you that the shelter is unsuitable, I do the best when I can. I have people who are supposed to be helping. I am 100 percent wrong.”


Troy McNiff's nephew, Corey Arnold says the family was primarily involved in selling and buying animals at auction. They’re now trying to figure out the next steps.

“I just think it’s ridiculous what they’re doing to him,” Arnold said.

Maybe instead of flapping his gums, Corey Arnold should have done something until it got to this point. And little Corey's not footing the cleanup bill -- all the other neighbors (aka taxpayers) are the one's who are paying for it.

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Investigators said they did not find enough evidence to charge Ralph McNiff. Troy McNiff has another court date in February.

Town leaders say it will take months to clear the entire area, at the expense of taxpayers.

(NBC Boston - Dec 28, 2016)


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