Saturday, December 17, 2016

Massachusetts: Woman in hospital with "life-threatening injuries" after being attacked in the face by her boyfriend's pit bull boxer mix

MASSACHUSETTS -- A vicious animal attack today left a Massachusetts woman in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

This afternoon Barnstable Police responded to reports of a woman who was badly bitten by a dog.

The attack happened at 44 Waters Edge in the Marstons Mills of Barnstable, Mass.

Officers say the woman was attacked in the face by her boyfriend's dog.

When they arrived on the scene, the police observed her injuries were more serious than anticipated and she was transported to Beth Israel Hospital in Plymouth. Shortly after, a helicopter flew her to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston for additional treatment.

The woman is still in critical condition.

(NECN - Dec 10, 2016)


Maurissa Wyman shared WCVB Channel 5 Boston's photo.
December 11 at 10:06am ·
I'm gonna rant for a minute here and I'm sorry ... but, when I was watching the news this morning the news reporter says how this dog attacked a lady and the reporter states it's a bulldog and possible pit bull mix ..... okay who cares if it's a pit bull any dog can attack anyone .. Lacie is part pit bull and she is the biggest sweetheart. It's all about how you raise the dog. The world needs to stop categorizing dogs in this way! Okay my rant is done.

Kianna MacPherson - It's the owners of the dog that raise them to be aggressive it's not the dog. They are just like people today if you were brought up in a violent and unloving atmosphere most likely you will turn out to be violent. I hate that people blame it on the breed.

Maurissa Wyman - Seriously ... makes people look at my dog differently who is well behaved

Jennifer Lepkowski - Ridiculous. Just like a child, it's ALL in how you raise what you are caring for.

Scott M Beckwith - It's fucked up that the only attacks that specify breed are ones including Bully Breeds. I have two perfect pits at my house. Blame the deed not the breed

Michaela Shufelt - AGREED! No one hears of aggressive chihuahuas on the news but those little things can be mean too! I hate that's it's all about the pits, they can be the sweetest dogs

Emilee Melanson - Leah Barnes I'm pretty sure Evo is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met

Maurissa Wyman - Lacie wouldn't hurt a single person and you know tb

Emilee Melanson - She might lick you to death

Maurissa Wyman - Hey a puppy shower won't kill you


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