Thursday, December 29, 2016

Missouri: Woman suffers injuries after she and her Huksy were attacked at off-leash dog park by pit bull

MISSOURI -- A trip to a local dog park suddenly turned into a terrifying ordeal for a woman and her dog. She said another dog attacked them both.

The woman is still recovering a month after the attack at the off-leash Waggin' Trail Dog Park on N. Oak Trafficway and E. 32nd Street in North Kansas City.

Kristi Kyle said she brought her dog to the dog park to have fun, but in an instant, their adventure turned into a painful nightmare.

"I've had her since she was 10 weeks old, so yes, she is my baby," Kyle says of her fluffy Siberian Husky, Olive.

Two days after Thanksgiving, Kyle and her 65-pound "baby" headed to the dog park for some fresh air and exercise.

"She has many friends here that know her," Kyle said. "We come here very often."

She and Olive entered the first gate, but just as she opened the second gate to the dog park, Kyle says a white, female pit bull first charged at her Husky.

"All of a sudden, it just went after Olive and I scooped her up by her leash," Kyle said.

Kyle said the dog tore at Olive's fur.

"She got chunks of hair out of her neck," Kyle recalled. "On the ground, you could see chunks of hair everywhere."

A terrified Kyle said the pit bull then bit her on her leg and caused a serious wound.

"My leg was shaking. I could barely walk. I was limping. I was limping for about a week," she said.

She and olive were trapped in the small fenced enclosure with the pit bull.

"And I was screaming. I was saying 'someone help me! Someone help me!" she recalled.

Kyle said a man heard her screams, ran over and then pulled the dog off of her.

As for the dog's owner...

"No, didn't apologize, just walked out, leashed up his dog, stood there for a second and said he will not bring her back here," Kyle said.

She went to the emergency room, got a tetanus shot and as a result of the dog attack, she says she now has a blood clot in her leg. She also filed a police report.

"I just don't want anyone else to get hurt by this dog," Kyle said.

Kyle said her mounting medical bills have reached more than $800. She also said she and Olive won't be returning to that dog park any time soon.

( - Dec 27, 2016)

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