Sunday, December 11, 2016

New Jersey: More than 80 cats found locked inside from hoarding house; hopefully authorities plan to prosecute

NEW JERSEY -- This was posted on a rescue's Facebook group page. Although I am glad that the cats are being rescued, I do hope that the owner will be prosecuted. At this time, the rescue group does not mention it. 

Please note, prosecution does not have to mean jail time. Prosecutors can set aside a judgment - and if the owner is someone who really and truly wants help and does everything they're supposed to do (e.g. get mental health counseling, clean the home to make it livable again, etc.), the charge can be dismissed. Taking the animals out of the situation does not solve the problem. 

Today was a tough day at RBARI.

When you get a call for rescue, you want to go in, get the job done, never look back, and certainly never leave any animals. But, we have never been faced with a case like this.

We received a call from a local family in desperate need with over 80 cats. We immediately canceled our meetings, dropped everything and staff members headed to the home.

The state of these cats, the sheer number and the condition of the home took our breath away, literally. We have begun rescue efforts, but we can't do this alone. We need your help. We need adopters, we need committed fosters. We need funds for medical care. We need rescues to step up and take on some of these cats and kittens. We need barn homes for the unsocial cats. We need YOU.

More information to come, as we undertake the largest and most devastating cat rescue RBARI has ever faced.

Walking out of this home tonight, we felt disappointed that we had to leave some cats behind. Their faces are imprinted in our minds. We are committed to going back, but we need your help to save more.

14 cats and kittens are safe with us, under the care of our veterinarian. We look forward to sharing their progress with you.

Our Betty Lou fund is specifically for the medical care that animals in these desperate situations need

Thank you for caring ...❤️- we could not continue to do this lifesaving work without your continued support.

(Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge - Nov 22, 2016)

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