Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New York: Little girl, 4, recovering after being attacked in the face by a pit bull

NEW YORK -- On 11/26/16 My daughter was attacked by a [pit bull].

Tiana was badly bitten in the face, which caused bad deep gashes on the bridge of her nose, and on her left cheek.  

We are grateful and fortunate enough to still have Tiana here.

Tiana’s medical expense is very expense as well as the plastic surgery/scar revision she’ll need to hopefully make a full recovery from this terrible incident.

Tiana is 4 years old she’ll be turning 5 in a couple of months.   As a parent we just want to see Tiana live a normal life, and we ask if you can please help.   It will be greatly appreciated.

This has been a great toll on our family and but I’m thankful that my little girl is still full of life and continues to be her happy girly self.

Thank you
From her Mom & Dad

GoFundMe Link: Tiana's medical expense Dog Attack


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