Thursday, December 1, 2016

New York: Thomas Simonsen says pit bulls attack ONLY when they've been trained. What about all the people and their children mauled by their pit bulls, who they'd raised, with love, from a puppy?


New York: Convicted felon James Cruz's mommy and friend rush to his defense after police say he turned his pit bull loose on his girlfriend during an argument, rush to his defense. Friend Erica Kowalski says it's a cover-up by police because "there was no reason for that many bullets"

A witness said she was by this pile of leaves, so
exhausted that she wasn't even struggling or screaming
any longer while the pit bull was "chewing on her"

NEW YORK -- I know probably going to get mixed feelings on this and my prayers go out to the woman and man attacked by pit bull in Rochester but you have to understand this dog was doing what it was trained to do, not his breed.

These dogs are loyal, playful, and loving. But give this breed to an asshole and it's what you get, but I can make a poodle just as mean.

Yes these dogs are vicious if they attack I won't deny that but again this is the owners fault.