Thursday, December 29, 2016

North Carolina: Woman's Chihuahua attacked and killed by pit bull

NORTH CAROLINA -- Kimberly Kennedy posted on Facebook · December 23, 2016 ·

I can't stop crying. Feels really hard to breathe. My heart is broken in two. I got a phone call earlier that the next door neighbor's pit bull killed my little three and a half pound tea cup chihuahua. — feeling heartbroken.

Brandy Dunbar - Omg im so sorry. I know u and dad luvd this dog

Kimberly Kennedy - Yea so very true. We have both been crying our eyes out

Sue Bass - How did it get to your baby

Kimberly Kennedy - My daughter had come down here to see us and left him at the house with her friend. While he was inside doing something he had the screen door closed but inner door was open and gizmo seen the dog in yard and pushed against the screen and it popped open and he took off after him and when her friend went outside gizzie was by truck dead

Kimberly Kennedy
Yesterday at 2:13am ·
Really sad and lonely. My tea cup Chihuahua got out of the house while my daughter was watchin him due to us being in the hospital. She came to visit us and left gizmo at the house with a friend. While. Friend was changing clothes gizmo got out and the neighbors pit bull killed him. Im find me another little fur baby. I had a woman say shed meet me tomorrow so i could meet the dog shes rehoming off of moore county pets. She ssid she thought we would be s good match from our conversation. So i go to the ad to contact her to check time snd place for tomorrow and see ad marked sold and she will not respond. So here im out of money because. I had already paid for ride for tomorrow. She could of let me know instead of ignoring my messages. So i was all excited thinking i was going to get another furbaby. So back to being lonely and sad. They neef to set rules against.things like this in the groups.

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