Thursday, December 29, 2016

North Carolina: Young Black Lab mauled by three pit bulls... "during the attack the pit bulls bit a chunk of his leg off to the bone and not sure if the leg can be saved"

NORTH CAROLINA -- Linda Kidd Egnor posted on Facebook on December 25, 2016 ·

When we came home this afternoon after visiting the grandkids, we found out that Missy and Gene's black lab puppy (about a year old) had been attacked by 3 pit bull dogs...please pray for little Jack...he is such a sweet dog with a good fun playing temperament...he was found in a ditch of muddy water and in a state of shock with some puncture wounds...Genes aunt use to work for a vet, so right now he is at home in the garage with a lot of covers...he is awake some and has some meds but you can tell he is in pain

...I'm so worried about Jack, he's one of my fur grandbabies and i know I have friends who will help me pray...

Tim Skinner - Do you know whos dogs they are?

Linda Kidd Egnor - Yes. He lives at the opposite end of their road...He's even came to their family reunion... Missy said he hasn't even called to see how Jack is doing...The last I heard from Missy was about 10 and he was still doing the same

Doyle Linda Gore - Maybe a child or an adult next time. Dogs are not supposed to run the alleys or streets untethered. I had to call 911 one day last week my neighbor has 2 pit bulls and they were loose and it was time for the kids to get on the school bus. This neighbor's pit bull attacked a hollow kid last year. Prayers for your fur baby!

Update on Jack, Missy and Genes dog...

right now Jack is at the vets office...been there since yesterday...has a lot of punctured wounds all over, not sure if they have tried to stitch him up yet or not...he's on 3 high powered antibiotics and not able to walk very good, although he tries to get up some...the biggest concern is one of his hind legs...during the attack the pit bulls bit a chunk of his leg off to the bone and not sure if the leg can be saved...

we really appreciate all the prayers and concerns shared and we are asking to please, please keep Jack in your prayers. He is fighting so hard to life...he is not out of the woods yet...Jack is such a gentle loveable dog and loved by so many people on the road where they live and so many are affected by this hideous attack...dogs are family in every senose of the word and hes our family's baby boy!

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