Friday, December 23, 2016

Oregon: Neighbor kicks pit bull in the head to save his neighbor's cat

OREGON -- Katie Bordeaux posted on Facebook December 22, 2016 · Gresham, OR ·

Thanks to our neighbor our cat Trouble is alive after trying to be attacked by a pit bull. Our neighbor saw Trouble in the mouth of a pit bull and he kicked that dog hard in the head and he dropped our cat n ran down the bike path

If I find the owners of that pit bull who tried attacking my cat I am NOT gonna be happy with them

Liz Shelby Raether Was it juniors mom's dogs. Hers are aggressive and scare the crap out of my kids

Liz Shelby Raether Glad trouble was OK. Where was the owner to the dog?

Katie Bordeaux Bob said the pit bull was black n white n looked like it was starving

Katie Bordeaux This was at 2am or so when Bob was out smoking

Angela Nicole Spackman Glad he is ok.

Katie Bordeaux Me too