Thursday, December 15, 2016

Pennsylvania: Woman searching for owner of pit bull which attacked her puppy at the dog park

PENNSYLVANIA -- Jess Auch posted to Middle Smithfield Twp. Dog Park's Facebook page · December 7 at 7:54am

I am hoping someone can help me. On Sunday 12/4 my puppy Colt was bitten and attack by a pit bull mix. The dog is brown with I believe a grey/purple collar. The owner was a young woman, tall, thin with blond hair and was dressed in a hat and vest. Please if anyone can help me that would be great appreciated. PM any information

Middle Smithfield Twp. Dog Park - Hi Jess. We are so sorry to hear that your dog was bitten. Unfortunately, we do not know who the owner of the other dog was. Did you call the police at the time of the incident to report it?

Jess Auch - Yes I reported it to the police. I was hoping this post would go to everyone who likes this page. As there were at least 8 other people there who were talking to her

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