Sunday, December 18, 2016

Tennessee: Mom says she won't back down from warning people about the dangers of pit bulls

TENNESSEE -- Angel Bailey posted on Facebook ·  December 15 at 4:19pm ·

God truly guides us where we are meant to be. I believe that.

Yesterday, on a day I was already weak from losing a friend to her battle with cancer, I had two people I previously considered friends come after me about my stance on Pit bulls. The occurrence is not uncommon but I found myself questioning why I kept trying so hard.

Why people could become so hateful and nasty just from me simply sharing our story and other's similar stories?

I don't post anything about harming them or anything hateful..... simply facts of real events to show what is happening and make others aware.... just as I wish I had been. I was feeling torn down and exhausted and honestly and ashamedly I was feeling like....."Well, screw them all! I will take care of my family and they will learn the terrible way!"

Until not even 20 minutes ago.....I was searching in my closet. Looking for an item I wanted to bring on our upcoming trip and there it was. The bag I had been avoiding. It holds some of the clothing and the shoes Sydney was wearing the day she was attacked.

I usually quickly push it to the side and hurry in to what I'm doing but something made me open it. I pulled out the hoodie with the huge tears in it. With the punctures through the hood. The streaks of dirt and blood from her clawing the ground trying to get away.

I pulled out the jeans with rips and holes in every possible area. Blood mixed with mud. Her rain boots....puncture holes covering the entirety of each....remembering her walking with the one she had remaining after the monster ripped one off and got distracted just long enough to get away.

It lit my fire again. SHE is why I do this and why I won't stop. If you choose to learn a little bit from what I post to help protect yourself and your children I'm so happy! If not, that is your cross to bear.

I don't do this for everyone out there. As selfish as it may sound. I do it for her. She received no justice!! God knew I needed to be led back to this purpose and he did just that. This will be her legacy from her attack. It will not be negative. It will be positive. If you don't like it....well, just move right on along.

GoFundMe link: Support Sydney Bailey

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