Sunday, December 4, 2016

Texas: Eight-year-old boy is a hero after rushing in to save a little girl being attacked by two pit bulls

TEXAS -- I have So much to be Thankful for right now.

Earlier today, my niece was attacked by 2 pit bulls. I heard children screaming, but never in a million years would I have EVER thought that it was related to MY niece!!

When I heard the sirens, and saw animal control racing by, I called my Sister to ask what was going on, and my heart dropped when she said I can't talk, it's Jasaria...a few stitches later, and probably 10 years worth of tears, we are home!

It's been a rough few hours, but I'm so thankful to have my two nieces in the bed with me. I will never forget my Sister's face and my baby Niece Riya telling me about all of the bloody dots on her Sissy's face. Just another reminder to keep your loved ones close!

Say a prayer for my niece's friend Gabriel. He is in complete shock and at the age of 8 years old, he pulled the dog that was biting her face, off of her..literally saving her life!

Chelee Puder - Praying for all of the kids and you all. I can't imagine the fear you all felt. Thank God she's ok.

Laura Hibbard - Omg. Thank the Lord that she is ok! Give her a big hug!

Deidra Tucker - She's too sore for a hug right now. She suffered serious wounds on her face and leg. But they couldn't stitch her leg, due to the missing flesh. She also suffered puncture wounds to her back. She's pretty beat up :(

E'Sasha Deanna Walters - Omg! I hope jasaria is okay!! I was just about to message you!!

Deidra Tucker - She's okay, just worried about her friends dogs :( animal control was taking them away when she was getting in the ambulance

E'Sasha Deanna Walters - Probably going to doggy jail..

Deidra Tucker - No, the owners are putting them down

E'Sasha Deanna Walters - Oh wow..

Deidra Tucker-  They didn't want to take the chance of the dogs attacking anyone else. The dog that was shaking her and tearing at her leg, was a rescue dog. So that was really hard. They were crying and extremely worried. You know it's sincere if Eric had to give the Dad a hug. It's so sad.

Maranda Espino Oh my I'm glad she is ok D I'll be praying for her

Susan Williams - OMG Deidra My heart is breaking for your nieces and the little boy, had it been one of my dogs, I would have it put down too!! My dad always said that once the dog got a taste of blood it would attack again and i wouldn't want to take a chance that it would hurt someone else. Prayers for all and their families