Friday, December 9, 2016

Texas: Man seriously injured in pit bull attack; may lose his right arm and leg

TEXAS -- This is Howard's wife and I am writing this asking all of Howard's friends to please say a prayer for Howard and his brother.

Howard's brother was attacked by a pit bull and was injured bad. As of last night the doctors said he may lose his right arm and his leg. The leg that was injured was his bad leg; he has Diabetes.

He is in the hospital in Texas he told Howard last night that they have ask him to sign a consent to have his arm and leg amputated if they cannot repair the damage and he has told them no he will not sign the papers.

Howard talked to him last night for a while he told Howard he did everything he could to fight the dog off we have learned this is not the first time the dog has attacked someone so please take a moment to say a prayer for him and for Howard. thank you all

Update #1
My brother went into surgery at 7:00 pm tonight we pray all goes well with him an hope an pray they can put his hand back together an set his wrist it was also broke in the attack an we ask for all the prayers we can get please.Thank u all

Update #2
We called the Hospital an he is out of surgery an the nurse said she thinks all went well so far but David is knocked out for tonight so i will call him tomorrow night after work to see how he is praying it went well an thank u all for your prayers.

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