Sunday, December 11, 2016

United Kingdom: Fox rescued after trying to climb iron fence and is impaled on it

UNITED KINGDOM -- A fox got lucky after climbing through an iron gate and becoming impaled on a metal spike - which narrowly missed all its vital organs.

A passer-by discovered the male fox, in Brighton, East Sussex, where he had been trying to get out of a garden but failed to get between the narrow bars and landed on the spike.

RSPCA animal collection officer Claire Thomas was called to the scene and was able to remove the injured animal before his wound became too severe.

She then rushed the wounded creature 40 miles to RSPCA Mallydams Wood wildlife centre, in Hastings, where he was operated on.

Ms Thomas revealed the fox had been fortunate to not receive more severe injuries, but is now recovering at their center ahead of a planned return to the wild.

She said: 'This poor fox was in a real fix - but very, very lucky. 'It seems as though he tried to jump through the gap in the gate but misjudged it, fell and got caught on the metal spike.

'Luckily the spike missed his vital organs.

'The vets at Mallydams were able to take him in to surgery and stitch up the wound and thankfully he is now recovering well - which is great news.

'It was very lucky he was found as he would've been in a lot of pain.

'We are keeping an eye on him at the moment and making sure he is getting the treatment he needs.

'He's not out of the woods yet but we hope that once he is well again we can release him back into the wild.

(Daily Mail - Dec 10, 2016)

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