Friday, December 23, 2016

Utah: Man's pit bull attacks woman. She pepper sprays it. Owner grabs his pit bull and flees.

UTAH -- Ann Hickenlooper Brian at Farmington Pond. Posted to Facebook December 12, 2016

While walking Deja today by Farmington Pond, we were attacked by a ferocious pit bull or possibly an American Bully with no owner in sight.


I am unharmed but very shaken and Deja has bites that need to be cared for by a veterinarian, but I can't believe she's alive and not more injured!

It attacked over and over. I got a few good kicks in, yelled at the dog until my throats was raw and finally was able to shoot it with my Kimber liquid pepper spray gun which saved my dogs life and saved me from serious injury.

Please keep your dogs on leashes while you're out hiking and walking!

And if you know the coward that owns a brown, light brindle, stocky pit bull and drives an older, white, Pontiac Montana please let me know. I think he had the dog. The police are looking for him.

This is not the dog - just one similar. The one that attacked is slightly smaller, very bow legged, and super muscular.

Sherry Ellis Ferrin - So sorry Annie I am so glad your ok !!!

Annette Walters Southwick - So scary!!😬Glad you and your dog are safe now
Jim Nilsson Trade that Kimber pepper spray gun for a Kimber .38.

Ann Hickenlooper Brian - Oh, it's definitely happening, Jim! I already have my permit but didn't think I really needed to carry. I wish so bad I would have had a real gun- that thing was so ferocious that I knew as soon as it finished my dog, it would turn on me. I only had two canisters of pepper spray in my gun, so I didn't dare to shoot the second one unless I could for sure hit its eyes. Luckily, after the first shot, it was stunned enough to hear its owner calling for it, and it turned and ran. Whew. I hope that liquid pepper got all over the guys car!

Karen Drozd - Keep in mind though , that there are some people who carry to protect their dogs, particularly their pit bulls who are unfairly targeted. How badly was your dog hurt?

Mary Ann Redfern - Ann Hickenlooper Brian,  Good job! So glad you and your dog survived your pit bull attack. Many do not.

Dahlene Curtis Mullins - Goodness Ann. I'm glad you had that pepper spray.

Ann Hickenlooper Brian - Me too- it would have killed my dog for sure😬 and I'm pretty sure I would have been next

Mary Ann Redfern - Ann Hickenlooper Brian, Pit owners do this sort of thing so often that we victims' advocates call it PIT AND RUN.

Karen Drozd - I lost part of my right thumb to a lab that was trying to kill my pit bull, who had rolled on his back and was peeing on himself while she was literally tering him apart. It was a toss up if I should go to the hospital or he should go to the vet first. It was ugly, and I was not able to get her off of him without choking her out. This is why there are leash laws.

Karen Drozd - I've had that happen many times. I'm surprised he backed off. American bullies are not typically aggressive to other dogs. But there are always exceptions. Just like the lab that bit me. Quite honestly, I'm surprised it wasn't worse.

Joel Staples Sanders - Ann Hickenlooper Brian report it

Ann Hickenlooper Brian - Joel Staples Sanders I did report it, both to the Sherrifs office and to animal control.

Jennifer Hayman Smith - Unfortunately it's the dog's owner you should "always" hate. Not the dog/breed. No dog or creature is born mean. It's a learned/non-disciplined behavior. Kinda like us humans. I had a fox terrier attack me and my pointer a couple years ago. I'm so sorry you experienced this. I hope Deja is ok and that law enforcement finds the responsible owner. He/She's the one that should be punished. People like this dog's owner should go straight to the bottom.

Cher Ef - Ann Hickenlooper Brian Yes they are. Please read up on them. Don't let people tell you genetics don't matter, that it is always the owners fault. It was not my fault that my border collie tried to herd anything on four legs. He just was born that way.

Denise Duirway - Stats don't lie and telling people "Judge the deed not the breed" is causing people to die. See "Facts and Figures" at