Friday, December 23, 2016

Virginia: Lisa Schafer's two horses seized; animal cruelty alleged

VIRGINIA -- We are excited that the two stallions that were seized in Louisa will be under Serenity's care until such time as we rehabilitate them and find them Forever Homes.

'Cowboy' and 'Prince Charming' are both severely under weight. Cowboy is worse than his pasture mate, and his feet are in terrible shape.

The good news is that these two seem to be very sweet and manageable given that they are studs. We will reach out in an attempt to tap into any available gelding funds that may be available.

In any case, the boys will have to rehab a while before we could have them gelded. Then time for training. A special thanks to ACO Angie Bonner for doing a tough and mostly thankless job and doing it well. These horses may not have survived the winter.

Update on the new stallions:
Prince continues to gain weight and is looking much better. I can still see his ribs prominently so there's more to go. I see the biggest difference in Cowboy but he was the thinnest. I can still see lots of ribs and scapula but the gain is happening. Cowboy's heels are filled with thrush, but getting better. Yesterday he was sore but the bute helped. I think he'll continue to have pain until the back feet grow out some. (so short) I'm continuing to try to clean under Cowboy's belly. Whatever it is, I can't get it off. I'll keep trying. A fluffy coat is a warm coat.

Owner says:
I lost my case today. Lied exaggerated the truth. I lost my horses. The rescue is trying to juice for money. Funny thing is they are taKing care of the horses the same exact way I was. I'm so besides myself