Friday, January 27, 2017

Alabama: Mobile county man, Allen Schleve, charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty

ALABAMA -- Allen Ray Schleve was booked on five counts of cruelty to animals Saturday. As Local 15's Andrea Ramey reports, he has a long history of run-ins with animal control officers.

Court records date complaints about Schleve back to 2010. Multiple times he's surrendered his dogs, but he keeps getting more. Animal control says a warrant was finally issued for his arrest because Schleve is unwilling or unfit to take care of his animals.

"It got to one point they're would be 20-30 dogs in the yard. If I left my gate open, they'd all be running up in my yard," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

Neighbors tell Local 15 News, Schleve's dogs are a constant nuisance.

"I've got a little kid. It got to where I couldn't bring him outside because I don't know what the dogs would do, fighting each other over food," the neighbor said.

"Chasing the kids up and down the road, just no control over them. They won't stay in the yard," said neighbor Emily James.

Schleve was arrested over the weekend. Mobile County Animal Control Officer Michael Crabtree says the warrant was signed months ago after responding to yet another roaming at large complaint at his Whitehall Dr. home.

Court records say an animal control officer found dogs with severe skin conditions.

We found Schleve outside his home this afternoon and asked him about the allegations.

"The concern was that they were not being well care for. Do you have the means to take care of them and feed them?" asked Ramey.

"Do they look like they're hungry? There ain't nothing wrong with my puppies," replied Schleve as he picked one puppy up by the scruff of its neck. "I mean this one here has a little skin allergy."

Neighbors say their main concern is the welfare of the animals.

"You can literally see the mama dog bring dead puppies up to the front yard. I guess they're dying from parvo," said a neighbor. "It's pretty sad. I don't think you should have animals if you can't take care of them, feed them."

Animal abuse 2nd is a misdemeanor in Alabama, punishable up to 1 year in jail.

(WPMI - Jan 17, 2017)

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