Sunday, January 15, 2017

Arizona: Dog named Lucky recovering after pit bull attack

ARIZONA -- Jayme Parkinson posted on Facebook January 13, 2017

My heart is hurting. Pray for my lucky. He protected me, Autumn, and mom today when a pit bull came and tried to attack us while on our walk. He's on some pain meds. Dog locked onto his neck, and bite the side of his eye, stomach, back, and both back legs.

Kevin Gascoyne - The poor little guy! Did they catch the pit?

Jayme Parkinson - Yep it was a neighbor's dog that got loose. Dug out of their backyard. Someone finally stopped their car and came and grab the dog off of him.

Donna Jones Baker - I am so very angry! Please file a police report. Please make the neighbor pay for Lucky s care. Please do what you can to make she gets fined for this. This could have ended so much worse. I am thankful to God that Lucky was there and deflected the horrible Pit bull from you!!!

Jayme Parkinson - Me too. It was so scary. A couple of other people stopped and called the police for us. So we have a report in and their dog is fined but it's his first offense so nothing happens to their dog unless he does something else.

Donna Jones Baker - That's sooooo stupid! The dog has to hurt someone else before something is done!