Friday, January 6, 2017

Arizona: Shundong Hu, 21, accused of beating Golden Retriever puppy with a metal rod

ARIZONA -- The Tempe Police Department arrested a man they believe hit a puppy repeatedly on the head and body with a metal rod.

A neighbor told police she had heard an animal in distress on multiple occasions since November but wasn't able to locate the source until Wednesday.

Tempe police say the neighbor followed the sound to see Shundong Hu, 21, striking the puppy repeatedly with a metal rod while it was in a metal enclosure, according to Tempe police spokeswoman Detective Lily Duran.

The golden retriever, which is estimated to be 3 or 4 months old, suffered multiple skull and cheek-bone fractures, swelling of both eyes, multiple cuts on the front shoulder and on top of the head, and a broken canine tooth, Duran said.

Police found the puppy bleeding from the nose and head and took it to the 1st Pet Veterinary Hospital Arizona and Humane Society.

Currently, the Humane Society is taking care of the pup until he is healed and ready for adoption, according to Duran.


"We want to thank our community member for being vigilant and ultimately saving this puppy’s life," Tempe Police Chief Sylvia M. Moir said.

Hu was booked into the Tempe City Jail on suspicion of felony animal-cruelty charges.

(AZ Central - Jan 6, 2017)


  1. Poor beautiful angel looking puppy

  2. If the perpetrator is not a citizen, send him back to where he came from. There is a high correlation between animal abuse and violent crimes against people. We do not need that person on our streets.

  3. Somebody please allow me to deal with savage son of a bit$#!!! This poor little puppy suffered at the hands of this callous bastard. I hope they beat his ass in jail, or rape his mouth. F him!!!