Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Arkansas: Labrador attacked by three pit bulls

ARKANSAS -- Jeremy Riddle‎ posted on Facebook to Springdale Bike Club · December 21, 2016 · Farmington, AR ·

FYI...I live at the corner of Harmon Rd. and UA Beef Farm Rd. I see a lot of cyclists ride in that area. Last night my 10 year old blonde lab was attacked by 3 pit bulls at that intersection. She's in bad shape but going to be ok, I think.

I'm not a cyclist but just wanted to post this heads up for those of you who ride in that area. Please pass this on to anyone who should be aware...I'm not familiar with riding groups in the area but found this one through a Facebook search.

Max Timmons - I've seen your lab when we ride out that way. She's always sprawled out soaking up the sun. I'll pass this info to some Fayetteville area riders. Hope she recovers quickly.❤

Chassie Kirby - Might want to report to county sheriff if you haven't already

Jeremy Riddle - I did. A report has been filed but since I don't know whether or not it happened on my property (happened around midnight), they say there is nothing they can do...other than have a report on record.

Chassie Kirby - Jeremy sorry to hear that and sorry about your dog but it might make a difference if it happens again.