Sunday, January 1, 2017

California: After car wreck, owner trying to get his dogs out of the vehicle when they're attacked by a pit bull

CALIFORNIA -- Kris Avery posted on Facebook to ‎El Dorado County Watch on December 30, 2016 ·

This morning another vehicle went off the road just east of Eagle Hills Rd on String Canyon due to icy conditions. The driver and 4 canine passengers were attempting to get out of the vehicle when a large pit bull described as black with a white blaze on its chest ran downhill from Eagle Hills Rd attacking the driver and one of his dogs resulting in a serious mauling for both.

The CHP and Animal Services are actively searching for this dog.

The driver is being transported to the hospital for treatment of his bite wounds. He will have to endure the rabies vaccination series unless the dog can be located.

If you have any information on this dog, Please contact Animal Services at 621-5795.

Erica Davis - Holy crap!!! Unfortunate someone allows their dog to just wander around mauling people! Hope they find dog and owner hold responsible!

Sarah Katawicz - Hi all. The person who crashed is a friend visiting from out of town. Here's what happened: our friend hit black ice, car flipped on side. He evacuated the vehicle and was screaming for help. In the process of removing our dogs, a man from a property on the top of the hill informed my friend that he called EMS. This is when the dog came running down the hill and began attacking my friend. From there, my dog, attacked this other dog to protect our friend and got mauled in the process.

All the while, the man overhead was looking down and said, "that's not my dog," and proceeded on about his day. If it was not for my dog, who knows what other damages our friend would have. He is currently at Marshall getting medical treatment. Animal services says that no one knows whose dog it is or that it's not supposed to be there and blah blah blah. So if the lovely person who owns this aggressive dog is reading this, your dog is at El Dorado animal services in quarantine.

Heather Frazier - ************* Update: The dog was caught and is currently at EDC Animal Shelter, under quarantine.

Dee Dee Schamun - No rabies shots then?

Mary Trickel Clark - I believe they quarantine no matter what these days.

Dee Dee Schamun - What about the person that was mauled?