Thursday, January 12, 2017

California: Cocker Spaniel named Andrew attacked by pit bull; owner ran off with the pit bull afterwards

CALIFORNIA -- The latest victim of a pit bull - a cocker spaniel.

Lindsey Schoen Howard posted on Facebook Jan 11, 2017

Warning: unpleasant post.

Today, at Glen Alla Park in Marina del Rey Andrew, my cocker spaniel was attacked by a pit bull.

I have never seen anything like it, the dog would not let go of Andrew's neck. 

Andrew has stitches and a drain to remove fluids. We are hopeful that after the awesome care he received at Bay City Veterinary Clinic that he will be ok.

He is in a tremendous amount of pain and hasn't moved since we brought him home. My heart breaks.


The owner of this dog fled [with her vicious Pit Bull].

The woman was in her forties with plastic surgery, wearing a turquoise jacket. Slim build and 5'7" ish. The dog was a pit bull or pit bull mix black and white wearing a red vest.

This dog is very dangerous. If the pair sounds familiar please message me.

My apologies for the image.


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