Saturday, January 7, 2017

California: Man asks for donations after his father is mauled by three pit bulls; says he may lose the use of his arm

CALIFORNIA -- GoFundMe Link: Help for my Fathers Recovery

Created January 6, 2017 by Impish Auston James Hale on behalf of Guillermo Gonzalez. UKIAH, CA

While taking his evening walk on January 4, 2017; my Dad was viciously mauled by three pit bulls.

The damage to his face and arms is very extensive. The doctors were able to reconstruct his face mostly. The bites to his right arm were bad, but the damage to his left arm is heavy and he may lose the use of it altogether.

After raising 5 kids, they are now in their 50s and raising my 2 nephews. All the weight is on my mother to support the family, as my dad is unable to work. Please help as much if you can.

The doctors will attempt to wake him up tomorrow, to assess the mobility of his left arm. As well as check to see if the repairs they did on his fingers restored any blood flow to them. He will have bad scarring on his face but the healing is going well.

Update 2:
He's awake! The swelling has gone down enough, they were able to wake him up and remove his breathing device. He woke up early this morning asking for my mom. She's there with him. They can now assess the his movement in his left arm, and determine the damage. Thank you all for your support with the first steps on his long road to recovery!