Wednesday, January 11, 2017

California: Poodle named Goofy mauled by pit bull and German Shepherd

CALIFORNIA -- Martin Diaz posted on Facebook Jan 11, 2017

This last monday my sisters toy poodle "Goofy" was viciously attacked on our driveway by a pit bull and a german shepherd.

Fortunately after his first surgery Goofy survived, his xrays showed dislocated discs on his vertebrate and only time and surgery will tell if he'll walk again.

We would appreciated any donation or even sharing her page in hopes to find people that are able to help. We greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

GoFundMe link: Expenses for Goofy!!
Created January 9, 2017
Jennifer Diaz  

This is Goofy he was attacked by 2 pit bulls and we're asking for donations to help pay his surgery.. very good dog that me and my kids love to death ..