Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Canada: Family crowdfunding young boy's medical expenses after he was attacked by dogs

CANADA -- The four-year-old victim of a serious dog attack in Calgary remains in a medically induced coma and his family is reaching out on social media for support.

Last Tuesday the boy, nicknamed "Little" John, and his family from Three Hills were visiting friends in Calgary. Police said the dogs were in a friend's fenced yard and the boy was attacked when he entered the yard to play with the dogs.

The boy’s father witnessed the incident and took his son inside the home, but not before the young boy suffered multiple injuries to most of his body.

"He underwent emergency surgery to repair over 100 bites and tears to most of his small body," the boy's uncle Troy Yeaman said on the GoFundMe page. "He requires reconstructive surgery to his right arm and left leg still."

Yeaman said the boy's parents are in need of financial assistance and have had to relocate from their home in Three Hills to Calgary so they can be closer to Little John as he recovers. Relatives have started a GoFundMe page to gather donations for the boy's medical expenses, raising $5,000 of their $8,000 goal as of Saturday afternoon.

"Any support will alleviate the daily stress of maintaining their home and essentials while they keep vigil until his condition changes," Yeaman said.

The boy was taken to the Alberta Children’s Hospital with serious injuries and Yeaman said Little John remains in a medically induced coma.

"Most of the injuries that he sustained were to his back and to his neck," Yeaman said in a video posted to the GoFundMe page. "The most serious though were on his arms and on his inner thigh, but the doctors feel that he is doing really well, that he is being responsive to what they’ve done up to this point."

Officials with animal services say the owner of the dogs has been co-operative with investigators and has agreed to sign the dogs over to the care of the city, meaning the fate of the animals will be determined by animal services and not by the courts.

Doug Frizzell, a superintendent for animal services, said the investigation is still underway but there is a "high likelihood" that both dogs will be euthanized.

The owner of the dogs is facing two charges under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw, which carry a maximum penalty of $10,000 for each count.

(Calgary Sun - Jan 8, 2017)

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