Friday, January 13, 2017

Colorado: Longmont animal control officer doesn't give up, rescues distressed bald eagle

COLORADO -- Longmont animal control officers, with the assistance of a McIntosh Lake neighbor, captured an eaglet this morning that appeared to be in distress.

The neighbor called the city Thursday to report that a juvenile bald eagle had been sitting very still on a log near the lake for most of the previous night.

Animal control officers, firefighters and staff with the Birds of Prey Foundation attempted to capture the bird Thursday morning, but it flew out toward the middle of the lake.

This morning, the neighbor reported that the eaglet was back, and animal control officers were able to net the bird, Longmont Land Program Administrator Dan Wolford said.

At about 10 a.m., Wolford said crews told him they had arrived with the eaglet at the Birds of Prey Foundation rehabilitation facility in Broomfield.

"They'll evaluate and do whatever medical checkup needs to be done," Wolford said. "If everything goes well, and they can rehabilitate the bird to the point of releasing it,   they'll release the bird in the approximate location where they found the bird."

(Times Call - Jan 13, 2017)