Thursday, January 12, 2017

Florida: Little dog named Tobby skinned alive in pit bull attack

FLORIDA -- This is frightful. It's not clear whether Tobby will make it, but let's keep our fingers crossed.

How people can say that pit bulls are no more dangerous than any other dogs, I just do not know. They were bred to kill over the centuries and are expert at doing so. And if they don't succeed in killing for some reason, the wounds they leave are appalling, as shown in these pictures.

These photos are very disturbing  but this puppy was attacked in his own yard  the family keeping him was just looking after him and a vicious pit bull across the street viciously attacked him and almost killed him 

my friend pat Rodgers is a extreme pet lover and couldn't bare to see him suffer and rushed him to the animal emergency room which we all know cost thousands and that will just be the beginning the vet bill will be endless as of now there over 2000.00 so anything you can give will be appreciated 

Please help us help tobby  all donations will go to his vet care and pat Rodgers sorry for the gruesome photos but it was a vicious attack .There's more graphic photos but too graphic to share thank you all and God bless


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