Saturday, January 21, 2017

Florida: Little girl attacked by her grandparents' pit bull mastiff mix

FLORIDA -- Melissa Lincoln added 6 new photos to Facebook January 19, 2017

My daughter stayed the night at her fathers house Wednesday night. I went to pick her up Thursday morning & found out her grandparents 130 pound pit bull - mastiff attacked my two year old daughter with her father sleeping 10 feet away on the couch.


Her grandfather told me he saw the whole thing go down on camera & that she'd be fine & doesn't need to go to the hospital. He didn't see her injuries as severe 😔 he explained she was simply playing the dog & the dog pushed her face onto the tile floor.

Obviously as soon as I left I took her to the hospital anyway...she got 10 stitches in her lips & 1 in her forehead. 

The doctor said there's no way her grandfather's story adds up. The doctor said it was an obvious attack with biting. Her injuries are considered severe and will more than likely leave permanent scarring. Not to mention how traumatic it must have been for her.

I sent the police & animal control to her grandparents house & ask them to ask about the tape the attack was caught on. All of a sudden, it was "out of cameras view."

Every adult in that house failed my child & now the legal system is failing her 😔 someone needs to be held accountable for what happened to my daughter even if it's just exposing them.

PLEASE SHARE! My daughter deserves more. If there's truly nothing to hide then they should share the tape!

Paula Jane Byerly Amaya - I'd be killing that dog my damn self since no one else is doing shit. This is messed up and I can imagine a judge won't do shit if you do kill it. I don't care what type of dog it is but once they attack someone they are a threat and need to be put down

Wendy Osborn-Caro - I love my dog but if he did this to my family I would shoot him myself.

Dean Paterakis - I would think there is protocol for this. At minimum, I believe the dog would be quarantined and tested for rabies. Was it Palm Bay police that you reported it to?

KimmyDonny MackEdgington - Hope u get justice

Sandra Haralson - It is all about how the dog is trained. Don't start that blame shit that it's the dogs fault. I feel bad for your child yes. But if there were that many adults in the room, why did they not get to the girl before she was hurt that bad. Lazy s.o.b's

Craig Brown - You're disgusting

Craig Brown - It's a pit. You can't control them. A girl named Kara was killed with 7 grown men in arms reach and stop saying it's how they are raised. That has been proven wrong time and time again and people believe it and adopt pits thinking they are suitable pets for children

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