Sunday, January 29, 2017

Florida: Sheriff's Office investigating disgusting case of animal cruelty

FLORIDA -- A cattle owner stumbling upon a disgusting case of animal cruelty on one of his own.

This animal cruelty case brought sheriff’s investigators to this remote area in Loxahatchee in the 6000 block of Dennis Street. This is way, way out here, in an area where there are few roads.

Nothing but canals and pastures.

Sheriff’s officials say a rancher was trying to feed his cattle when he made the shocking discovery: a severed leg belonging to one of his 1500 pound bulls just west of his pasture.

Investigators say the culprit or culprits left behind a saw, a wooden pallet and raincoats.

This incident was reported January 1.

Since the bull is such a heavy massive animal, it would seem that this had to be the work of at least a couple of people, perhaps more than that.

The sheriff’s office calls it a “heinous act.”

Last month three decapitated animals were discovered also in western communities in Palm Beach County.

A horse’s head with a bullet to the skull, found in the Acreage.

The same week, a decapitated goat and rooster were found in Loxahatchee Groves. Animal Care and Control said those two decapitations appear to be a ritualistic killing.

The sheriff’s office has not said if the cases are connected.

(CBS12 - Jan 5, 2017)