Saturday, January 14, 2017

Florida: Vincent Williams, 42, walked past woman at Home Depot with her Maltese and violently kicked the little dog

FLORIDA -- A West Palm Beach man is accused of kicking a dog and its owner Sunday afternoon inside the Home Depot on Northlake Boulevard, city police said.

Vincent Williams, 42, was standing over a woman’s shoulder mumbling while she was at a register, records show.

An employee told Williams to leave the woman alone. Moments later the employee heard a coworker scream for security, according to police records.

The owner of a small white Maltese mix told police she was standing in line to pay when a man walked past her and “violently kicked” her dog so hard that he kicked the woman, too. 

The dog, named “Peluchee,” urinated on itself because of the kick, the woman told police.

Officers found Williams walking north from Home Depot on the sidewalk from Home Depot. He was arrested on battery and animal cruelty charges, records show.

A judge ordered he be held in the Palm Beach County Jail on a $2,000 bond, court records show. If bond is posted, Williams is required to seek mental- health treatment.

Note: Home Depot allows well-behaved dogs in its stores. 

(Palm Beach Post - Jan 10, 2017)

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