Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kansas: Child in critical condition after being attacked by a stray pit bull mix. Police searching for the dog

KANSAS -- A four-year-old boy was in the hospital Monday night, after what police believe to be a stray dog attacked him.

The incident happened in the 2600 block of North Minnesota Court in northeast Wichita. Police say that the dog attacked the child around 1:30 p.m.

“When the mother of the child attempted to rescue the child from the attack, the dog attacked again, a second time... so this tells me that this animal is vicious,” Lt. Joe Schroeder of the Wichita Police Department said.

Schroeder added that after the attack, the dog disappeared. Police searched the area around 25th Street N. and Grove, but could not find the dog.

The Wichita Police Department is asking anyone in northeast Wichita who spots a dog that is brown and white, with the appearance of a pit bull to call 911.

There is concern that the dog could attack someone again, as police believe it initiated the attack without provocation.  Police have been hampered because they only have a vague description of the animal.

“We don't know the status of the animal, if it is rabid,” Schroeder said.

Neighbors in the area said they did not see the incident, but are hoping that the boy is OK.

"I hope to God that the little boy gets through with everything he has been through,” said Larry Pete. Pete also was curious to know if the dog had an owner,  and how that owner might have treated the dog.

The boy had more than 50 bite marks and lacerations to his body. Police say the child has undergone two surgeries and remains in critical condition, but is expected to survive. 

(KAKE - Jan 24, 2017)

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