Friday, January 20, 2017

Kansas: Discovery of dead horse dumped on roadside raises concerns of animal cruelty

KANSAS -- A horse that appears to be emaciated is found dead on the side of the road near Valley Center. The man who found the horse posted pictures on Facebook Wednesday, hoping someone would recognize the animal.

As of Thursday night, that post has been shared nearly 5,000 times. Luke Myers, the man who found the horse, says it appears someone dropped it off in a hurry.

"There was rope tied to it. They drug it out of the trailer and just kind of took off," he says.

When Myers found the horse, he called 911, then decided to post on Facebook.

"There's not a lot of people out here. The houses are few and far between. And I just thought someone surely knows what happened," he says.

Thousands shared Myers' post, wanting answers. It caught Ande Armstrong's attention. She founded Hope in the Valley, a horse rescue in the area. about five miles from where the horse was found.

"It just made me sick in my heart because that horse suffered," she says. "He didn't just get in that shape over night. He's been that way for months. And someone should be held accountable.

She says the photos don't reveal the horse's age or what caused its death. But she does know one thing.

"On a body condition score of one to 10, he's definitely a one," Armstrong says. "He's definitely in horrendous condition, in bad shape."

Armstrong says she's saddened the horse's owner didn't call Hope in the Valley for assistance if the horse was unhealthy and needed help.

Facebook post: Luke Myles added 4 new photos. January 18, 2017

Below are graphic pictures of a dead horse dumped on the road on Rock Rd at 85th N.

If you are from the area, would you mind sharing in hopes that someone recognizes this gelding? Either contact me (no messenger please) or Sedgwick county sheriff.

(KWCH - Jan 20, 2017)

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