Monday, January 2, 2017

Kentucky: Woman beats two pit bulls with a crowbar to save her Westies. Unfortunately, Maci didn't survive.

KENTUCKY -- Pam Carpenter Melton posted on Facebook January 1, 2017 ·

I just lost my baby girl Maci, I am so heartbroken, she and my other westie Baxter were attacked by two large pit bulls tonight about 10:30

I did everything I could to save them, I was kicking those dogs and hitting them with a crow bar, but I couldn't save Maci, I was screaming and a neighbor came with a gun, he shot at both of them and hopefully hit one 

so I rushed them to the emergency hospital, Maci was in such critical condition, they just called me and she didn't make it

my poor baby girl, I loved her so much, she was 11 yrs old, and I am so heartbroken, mommy is so sorry she couldn't save you, I love you baby girl, RIP, my little angel girl, this was the worst experience of my life, I'll never get over it..... I'll love you forever!

David McCoy - I'm so sorry Pam. That is awful.

Tambi Sweet - I'm so sorry. I loved Maci. She was so sweet!

People try to say that pit bulls aren't dangerous and it's how they're raised but that is complete bs. I was attacked by two and they were trying to get to Traven who was an infant at the time. The dogs' family were very loving and had a toddler. Kate has also been bitten by one.

Pam Carpenter Melton - I'll never get over hearing her screaming, I'm devastated

Tambi Sweet - It's been almost 19yrs since I was attacked and I literally freeze in place completely petrified if I see one. Even from a distance. I can hear their growls and barks and feel their hot breaths on my skin. I nearly faint at the thought.

I know how you feel and I will be praying for you Aunt Pam. I'm just so grateful they weren't able to get Traven. They'd have killed him, no doubt.


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