Saturday, January 7, 2017

Kentucky: Woman kicks pit bull in the head until it lets go of her poodle named Coco

KENTUCKY -- Jackie Knasel Poynter posted on Facebook January 4, 2017

I just want to let all my facebook friends know to be very carefull when you walk your puppies. New Years day my little CoCo was attacked by a Pit Bull on our way home. Thank the good Lord he is going to live. Dog owners please contain your dogs and take responsible!

Maryann Schewe - Omg Jackie Knasel Poynter that's awful! ! That must have been really scary! - How did you get that dog off your lil one?

Jackie Knasel Poynter - Kicking the dog in the head and screaming so loud the owner came out with other neighbors and grabbed him. Maryann I know you love animals as much as I do so you will relate to me sleeping on the floor with Coco, he has a long road to recover, however he will live.