Friday, January 6, 2017

New Jersey: Outrage at animal control officer who 'REFUSED to rescue abandoned emaciated puppy because it was a holiday weekend'

A landlord discovered a skeletal puppy in New Jersey along with two other dogs

➤ An animal control officer refused to take the animals, citing holiday weekend, a lack of space at a local shelter and an unwillingness to foot medical bill

➤ SPCA issued statement slamming the animal control officer's response

➤ Puppy received medical care and is in stable condition; two others are in shelter

NEW JERSEY -- An emaciated puppy left to die along with two other dogs in New Jersey was rescued on New Year's Eve - despite an animal control officer's initial resistance.

A landlord discovered the three dogs and authorities said it was 'clear' they had been abandoned and the owner had likely left them to die.

But an animal control officer refused to take the animals, citing the holiday weekend as well as the lack of space at a local shelter, until he was threatened with criminal charges, reported.

A landlord discovered the three abandoned dogs on New Year's Eve, but the animal control officer refused to take action, saying the town did not want to foot the puppy's medical bill, reported.

The SPCA would not name the area of New Jersey where the animals were found.

The animal control officer also cited the holiday weekend and said the local shelter was already full.

The SPCA issued a statement, calling the response 'completely unacceptable' before going on to say: 'As a full-time employee with a salary and benefits, the ACO (animal control officer) is mandated by state law to provide animal control services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.'

The SPCA responded on New Year's Eve and made arrangements with a rescue group, before the ACO stepped in the following day.

The puppy, which needed urgent medical care, is now in stable condition with the SPCA saying it has a 'good prognosis'.

The other two dogs, which were healthy, were placed in a shelter, the SPCA said.

Frank Rizzo, who heads the SPCA's law enforcement division, said a criminal investigation has been launched to track down the owner who left the dogs to die.

(Daily Mail - Jan 2, 2017)

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