Friday, January 13, 2017

New Jersey: Pit bull attack leaves one dog dead, two others injured

NEW JERSEY -- One dog was left dead after two others attacked it Dec. 31, police said.

An officer got a call that two dogs had attacked a third around 11 a.m. and met the caller, who owned the third dog, on Maxim Court.

"The caller indicated she heard barking and yelping coming from her backyard area and viewed two pit bull dogs attacking her dog," police Sgt. Christopher Parise wrote on the department's Facebook page. 

"After going outside, the two pit bulls ran off. Unfortunately the dog that was attacked did not survive."

After police identified the owner of the other dogs they issued him "numerous summonses," Parise said.

Police did not name the owner of the other two dogs or specify the charges in the post.

( - Jan 9, 2017)