Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Zealand: Man attacked by a Pit bull in Orange Grove

NEW ZEALAND -- According to Longhow, he was walking on the opposite side of the road when a man opened a garage gate and a pit bull rushed out at him, barking.

“I picked up my two little dogs and then this big pit bull started attacking me. It grabbed my ankle first, then grabbed my calf muscle. I kicked the dog but it continued and grabbed my other leg,” claimed Longhow.

“I shouted to the man opening the garage, ‘your dog is attacking me’, and he did not do anything, but afterwards he said he did not hear me,” he said.

Longhow said he was concerned that the dog might attack someone else and he has not taken his dogs for a walk since that day because he is scared.

“I am concerned that another attack would happen and if it was someone smaller or a teenager, the dog would have brought him down,” he said.


The owner of the dog was not available to speak on this matter.

Norwood Police were unavailable to comment on this incident but Longhow confirmed that he did open a case with the police and he is planning to take the dog owner to court.


Longhow also claimed that he has not heard from the dog owner since that day and now he has a bill of R1 032.33 still due to be settled at Netcare Linksfield Hospital.

When North Eastern Tribune visited the house where Longhow claims the dog came from, no one was available for comment.

(Northeastern Tribune - Jan 21, 2017)

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