Sunday, January 29, 2017

North Carolina: Sad news regarding the abused dog named Duck who was going to be adopted by the state trooper who rescued him

NORTH CAROLINA -- Poor Duck was found all alone on a desolate bridge by a state trooper.

Instead of chasing Duck away from the road and driving off, the trooper stopped and called Duck to come to him.

Despite being horribly neglected and abused, Duck came right to the trooper, who was thoughtful enough to keep food in his vehicle. He took Duck to the animal shelter where animal control officers said Duck had suffered horribly in his short life.

Animal services' supervisor, Joe Newburn, said the dog was likely confined to a cage for a long period of time, causing his growth to be stunted.

Newburn said the dog's paws are swollen with blisters from living in its own waste. He said the dog was only 37 pound when it was brought in.

Because he didn't have a name, the came up with Duck because of the way he walked. Due to malnutrition and having probably lived most of his life in a cramped cage, his feet looked like duck's feet and when he walked they flattened out.

The state trooper felt an instant connection with Duck and decided that he was going to adopt Duck and give him the best life - one he deserved.

But it wasn't meant to be.

Just a few days after being found and cared for by animal control, Duck suddenly passed away during the night.

Thank you, Trooper Justin Gardner for showing kindness to Duck when you found him. It was probably the first bit of kindness he had ever received from a human being in his life. Thank you for offering to give Duck a forever home.

Thank you to all who cared for Duck and showed him what love and kindness was like in his final days.

If you have any idea who abused poor Duck, please call Animal Services at (910) 296-2159.


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