Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Oklahoma: Firefighter Zack Perry, who performed as a clown for department events, arrested on complaints of child pornography

OKLAHOMA -- Muskogee Police served a search warrant on Friday at the home of firefighter Zackery Blaine Perry, 2703 Haskell Blvd., after it was reported that he was requesting pornographic images of a local girl.

Perry, 30, who proudly proclaimed his participation in clown activities with the department, was arrested on complaints of possession and distribution of child pornography.

“Obviously, the Muskogee Fire Department does not condone that kind of behavior,” said Chief Mike O’Dell. “He is on administrative leave until the judicial system can get this sorted out.”

Administrative leave means Perry can’t come back to work at the Fire Department until the case is disposed one way or another.

Zack Perry allegedly was conversing with a Muskogee mother for some time via social media, according to a law enforcement source, and eventually requested naked photos of the woman’s preteen daughter, from the neck down.

The woman went to the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office, who notified the police department. Both agencies cooperated in the investigation and obtained a search warrant for his house and an arrest warrant for him. After the search, they executed the arrest warrant.

Police seized electronics, a computer, a phone and possibly a tablet from his house, according to two sources inside law enforcement.

Police say there is also video of a woman having sexual relations with Zack Perry's Rottweiler named Guinness. It is believed that Perry is the one who recorded the animal abuse.


The Muskogee Police sent the following release at 10 a.m.:

On Friday January 6th Investigators from the Muskogee Police Department along with investigators from the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Department made an arrest and served a search warrant in relation to the Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography.

Zach Perry was arrested after he allegedly sent messages and videos of what investigators believe to be child pornography.

The Reporting person contacted the Muskogee County sheriff’s department after Perry allegedly asked for photographs of her child. The Sheriff’s Department investigators then contacted investigators with the Muskogee Police Department and based on the evidence obtained from the previous messages between Perry and the woman, investigators obtained an arrest warrant for Perry and a search warrant for his phone, any other electronic communication devices.

Perry was arrested January 6th at noon without incident and was booked into the Muskogee County Jail on complaints of Publication, Distribution of Child Pornography.

At this time the investigation is continuing and has not fully concluded. No more details on this case are available at this time.

Our concern at the Muskogee Police Department is the ever increasing availability of apps and social media chat rooms that are being used by perpetrators to distribute or solicit child pornography.

Parents need to be extremely aware of what is on their children’s phones, laptops or any other communication device that they may have.

While in this situation the suspect was not directly contacting a child, the probability of that occurring is extremely high unless parents keep a watchful eye on their children’s social media and any apps that can be used to chat, send pictures or videos. That would include apps and communication platforms on gaming systems such as Playstations and Xbox’s.

(Muskogee Now - Jan 9, 2017)