Sunday, January 1, 2017

Oklahoma: Neighbor's three pit bull dig under fence and attack woman's dog in her own backyard. Says they've attacked before - and no one doing anything about it

OKLAHOMA -- Alessa Blancas‎ posted to Midtown Tulsa Lost and Found Pets on Facebook December 23, 2016 ·

My dog was attacked by three pit bull's that belongs to our neighbors we have constantly had problems with their dogs getting out and coming over to our yard and finally they came in a hole through our fence and three of the pit bulls attacked my dog 

we called the police and the police said that we need to contact animal control but they are closed is there any animal control places that we can contact that are open 24 hours.

I am also looking into contacting the channel 6 news because these dogs recently also attacked a dog's a neighbors dog a couple of days ago and has also chased my other neighbors daughter down the street and has bit her.

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