Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oklahoma: Two-and-a-half years ago, Sammie Bruhwiler tortured and killed her Shih Tzu. Today, she was sentenced to 5 years probation.

OKLAHOMA -- June 19, 2014 is a night many neighbors of Sammie Bruhwiler wish they could forget.

Back on that warm summer night, around 1130pm, police responded to a residence after neighbors said there was a woman screaming hysterically from inside a home. They were concerned that a man had broken in and was harming the young woman inside.

When police arrived, 22-year-old Sammie Bruhwiler emerged from her house, seemingly drunk, screaming at the top of her lungs, and carrying her bloody, dog which was hanging lifeless in her arms.

According to the police, Bruhwiler told the officer that her dog had "pus and fleas." She said her mother had told her she needed to either shave or cut the dog’s fur. She didn't elaborate as to what she had done to the little dog, but its fur was matted with its own blood.


Officers say they found blood trails throughout the home.  They also found two knives, a pocket knife and a silver blade, covered in blood.

On top of being stabbed and cut, police say that Bruhwiler had either suffocated or strangled the little Shih Tzu mix to death.

At the time, Bruhwiler’s friends wouldn’t go on camera but insisted to reporters that she loved animals so much. They even say Bruhwiler volunteered at the shelters.

On her Couchsurfing ad, Bruhwiler described herself as:

"Compassionate, outgoing, all kinds of silly, always laughing, flower child, wild one, adventurous, dreamer, sensitive, very giving, dignified and strong, enthusiastic spirit, and full of love."

Sammie Rebecca Bruhwiler

“I can’t believe that. She seemed like a nice little girl, had her life together,” said neighbor Willis Moses. “And she loved that little dog, seemed like it to me.”

Neighbor Willis Moses was shocked, saying he'd seen
Bruhwiler out walking with the little Shih Tzu

For this horrific torture death of this little dog, Sammie Bruhwiler was sentenced to five years probation for animal cruelty.

I can't even imagine how that little dog suffered. Police said they found blood "throughout the home". He may have run from room to room trying to get away from her, from the person who was supposed to love him.

I'm posting this because today Sammie Bruhwiler begins her probation.

Hopefully, whatever mental and/or substance abuse issues she has/had will be addressed and that she will accept what she's done and take responsibility for killing the little dog she was supposed to protect and love. Mental health issues and/or substance abuse problems are the only things I can think of that would cause someone, described by friends and neighbors as being an animal lover, to chase, stab, torture and strangle their own dog to death.

Offender: Sammie Rebecca Bruhwiler
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5 ft 4 in
Weight: 99 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birth Date: 5/16/1992
Listed elsewhere as 8/16/1992
OK DOC#: 755180
CRF#: 2014-45
Status: ACTIVE
Date committed: 06/19/2014
Term Code: P&PSUS (Probation and/or Parole for a Suspended Sentence)
Suspended Sentence: With a suspended you are being sentenced to time in jail or prison, but the court is suspending that time and not making you actually serve it, as long as you follow the rules and conditions of your probation.
Sentence: 5 Years
Probation begins: 1/18/2017

Photo taken January 18, 2017


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