Saturday, January 7, 2017

Oklahoma: Woman beats pit bull with a baseball bat after it attacked her cats. Thankfully, Yvonne McLoughlin is there to tell her not to blame the breed.

OKLAHOMA -- We just got attacked by a pit my front yard! My cats where on leashes...I wish they wern't ! It was hell! Lots of scrathes ..and pretty much shaken up! I had to beat it off with a baseball bat! I sure do wish people would take care of their animals!

Shawn Teltschik - Oh no. How are your cats?

Debra Pinkstaff - Porkey is bloody, and shook up badly! He will be okay, though! My girlfriend is extremly scrathed up..pretty bloody! She saved my kitty!

Yvonne McLoughlin - OMG - traumatic x x x x x please do not blame the breed though - blame the stupid moronic owners - hope all you babies are OK and you - you stupid, brave woman ha ha beating off a pit bull in full flight with a baseball bat - you are mad - love you though x x x