Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oklahoma: Woman's dog attacked by pit bull, has to be euthanized due to injuries

OKLAHOMA -- Joy Powell posted on Facebook Jan 11, 2017

What is happening? I was seeing my dog being attacked by a pit bull. Not kidding. My husband has taken our dog to the veterinarian to be put down.

Michelle Story Oh no! So sorry.

Joy Powell Thank you.

Billie Jones Stanley Oh so sorry good thing granddaughter wasn't out there

Joy Powell So true, Billie. She usually gets to run and play in Kays' yard, but not today.

Rose Barron Ware Do you have any help? Get some anyway you can......... so law need help!!!!!

Joanie Coursien I am so sorry Joy.......I hope they get the pit bull .needs to go to the shelter..........again so sorry

Sheri Smith Oh, Ms Joy. How sad for ya'll. Kay has told me about that pit bull before. Never anything bad. I don't believe it gets proper care. Hopefully animal control will make the best call on this issue. I am truly sorry. The people that own the dog need to be held accountable.

Joy Powell So true. With a purebred dog like him, you would think they would have a safe place for him to live. He is a beauty and pure pit looking. Huge. Rufus weighed 20 pounds.

Sheri Smith 😢

Gay Bailey So sorry Joy. Did you call the police or animal control so they can put the pit bull down. It's too dangerous for the owners to keep it. Next time it could be a child.

Joy Powell The animal control officer came. He had seen the dog before. I asked if he had a weapon, because the dog looked like he wanted to attack me when I was yelling at him. The dog came up on our porch when the officer was standing at the door, I told him to come in, that I didn't feel he was safe. He called a policeman, for back up. After all that, the dog is chained in his backyard, and in two days they will have a judgement by a judge, who will have seen my written complaint against the dog. Why she (the owner) didn't request the officer to take him I don't know. I worry about our safety now, and my daughter, who lives by the family. Daughter has two five pound dogs that have to go outside in their fenced yard. The dog has been in her yard before. Plus she has her granddaughter visiting. This is the first time the dog has attacked another dog, that I know. But I think I will carry a revolver when we go outside. I don't trust the people to keep the dog safe for two days. When the freezing rain comes he should be in their house. But they have left him out in freezing weather before.

Charl Marshall-powers Oh no ginna! I'm so sorry. I just can't believe this has happend. Something has to be done about the whole TH shit storm

Didi Schoen I am so sorry Joy! You need to call the TV stations and the papers and you need to get the owners to pay the vet bills. This happened to my horse. It cost bunches of money to save him and no one would claim the dog! So, no one helped with the bills. It was awful! There shold be a law against chaining a dog too.

Joy Powell The people have no resources for sueing for vet bills. They have no concern for their dogs or children, who have been taken away.

Didi Schoen So sad

Elisa Barron I'm so sorry, Joy! 😞

Savio Garcia I'm so sorry to hear this ,remember we talked about it :(

Joy Powell Yes we did Savio. I remember you saved your girl. The vet has not put Rufus down yet. They were supposed to call after he looked and assesed the damage. I don't know how he is still alive. Blood was streaming from his side and he couldn't walk.

Donna Cardella I am so sad for you Joy! How awful!

Susan SoRelle How terrible ! So sorry for you...I was walking my small dogs in an area near my home on on leashes....a pit bull jumped the fence and came for Me not my dogs,I was screaming and people came to help,Thank God ! Police and neighbors arrived promptly The owner said I should have picked up my dogs and run !!??? Any way dog was impounded and later put down...Very sad

Joy Powell I was so scared the dog would go after my husband as he went to our truck. It purely turns a stomach to know you have to condemn an animal. But my daughter lives by them and has her young granddaughter visiting often, plus she has two tiny Maltese-Chihuahua dogs, 5 pounds each. They are both protective little dogs and have to go potty outside in their fenced yard. Which the neighbors dog has broken into and also jumped the fence before.

Frank Lerner I am so sorry.

Irene Montgomery Joy, so very sorry. People don't seem to understand or don't care they have to be responsible for their pets in all ways,

Irene Montgomery If you run and dogs loose they will chase you too.

Allen Lawrence The dog should have been picked up and put down after attacking your baby, here in our area NW Louisiana, it would have been gone by now and the owner of the Pit could be bared from having another animal.

Joy Powell I hope they will be barred from owning any kind of dog. They are uncaring of their animals welfare.

Sheri Smith I hate this, because again a pit bull will be put down due to ownership by people not equipped to house this type of dog. I live in the neighbor that has rampant abuse of pit bulls. I call and report owners and try to get the animal help. It makes me sick to my stomach. Poor Rufus. Poor Bae Bae. Hope Your fur baby makes it.

Nadya Light I agree with you. There are so many people who should not be owners of pit bulls.

Sheri Smith Ikr. Breaks my heart.

Joy Powell He (Bye) is a perfect specimen of a pit bull. He spent most of his life on a chain, in all kinds of weather, with no help from his people. I did sign a complaint about a vicious dog. When I yelled his name and told him to go home, his bristles raised and he stepped on the porch. I was trying to keep his attention, or send him home, so that Jack could safely get to the truck with Rufus. When the dog catcher came, the dog came across the road on alert. The officers' truck sounded like ours. The rest of that encounter, I commented above.

Maria Garcia I'm so sorry, how horrible to see your pet being hurt!!

Joy Powell Thank you. It was sad.

Nadya Light So sorry Joy Powell

Joy Powell Sad business.

Irene Montgomery I remember when young, the neighbors Dalmation had other neighbors Dachhound in his mouth and was shaking him like a rag doll. Will always have that image in my mind. Little dog died.

Joy Powell That is so terrible. I can rationalize a coyote taking a small dog. They are predators and are catching food. The dog that kills another dog, is viscious and not looking for food.

Brandi Douglass Oh Ginna, I can't believe this, I'm so terribly sorry

Joy Powell He had twelve very happy years, because you brought him to Oklahoma. I will miss him at bedtime. He always patted the cover to let us know he wanted to get under cover and go to sleep.

Les Koy I am so sorry. And so angry on your behalf. Your poor dog :(

Joy Powell Thank you.

Joy Powell If I have failed to appreciate anyone's comment of concern, forgive me. Several times today I thought I might call the emt's to come and check me out. Then I remembered that our city passed a law that the Fire Department has to come with any emt call. I kept watch on the vitals and they soon calmed down to a safe level. Thank you all for being concerned for our friend Rufus.