Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pennsylvania: Leonard Hughes, 44, sentenced for deaths of 4 horses

PENNSYLVANIA -- A Jefferson County man was sentenced Thursday for starving more than a dozen horses on his property.

Leonard Hughes, 44, of Corsica, was sentenced six to 12 months in prison and ordered to pay fines and restitution.

Hughes was found guilty of 13 of the 14 animal cruelty charges brought against him in late September by the Jefferson County humane officer.

Four of those charges held 90 days of jail each, for the four horses that died in his care.

Hughes appealed the four counts, but pleaded guilty to them on Monday.


"I'm a volunteer in this county, I get no compensation whatsoever," humane officer Debbie McAndrew said. "The one horse (Admiral), is the reason that keeps me going. It's animals like him, that wouldn't be here without the humane control, Willow Run Sanctuary and the community."

Hughes told the court that he screwed up. He said he takes full responsibility.

The judge denied his request to turn himself in on Monday morning. He was taken straight to jail by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department.


Nine of the 13 horses have survived.

"Any horse that was body scored a three or less, we seized that day, which ended up being 13 horses out of a field of 29," McAndrew said.

McAndrew said almost all have made a full recovery based on nothing but grain and hay.


(WJAC - January 13, 2017)


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